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    Tenders Property Request for Quotations - Office Space

    Request for Quotations - Office Space

    Closing Date
    Past Closing Date
    The Malta Residency Visa Agency, notifies that quotations will be received for office space to house verious departments falling under its remit. Such office space will be required for a long term lease of five (5) years. Period of leasing may be extended further.

    The usable office space required is of approximately 500 sq.m. The building must be fully accessible and conforming to local building regulations and standards, as well as being in possession of the necessary permits as required by the relevant authorities. The office space must be fully furnished (excluding furniture) and complete with all amenities including toilets, kitchentte, air conditioning, meeting rooms and a reception area.

    Preference will be given to property that:-
    - Is finished to high standards and quality;
    - Is ready for immediate move in within a period of three months;
    - Is equipped with a burglar and fire alarm;
    - Has availability of parking facilities for the agency employees and visitors.

    Detailed information indicating the exact location and size of the proposed premises as well as photos/plans certified by an architect/MEPA permits and drawings of both the interior and exterior of the property as well as rental fee, are to be received in a sealed envelope at the:-

    Malta Residency Visa Agency
    Clock Tower, Level 1, Tigne' Point,
    Sliema TP01

    By the 7th September 2017

    For further enquires, please contact Ms. Anne Spiteri at: