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    Public Relations


    CT2154/2017 Provision of Public Relations Services to t...


    Provision of Public Relations Services to the Malta Tourism Authority for a period of 36 months

    Closing Date2017-09-26
    StatusPast Closing Date

    (EU) Zoological services [353433-2017]

    Gegenstand der Ausschreibung ist die Durchführung von Life+ Projektinhalten gemäß der geänderten Version des Grant Agreement LIFE+12-BIO_AT_000143 LIFE Northern Bald Ibis (relevante Teile des Grant Agreements werden in den Ausschreibungsunterlagen zur Ver ...

    Closing Date10 days
    Issued byTED

    (EU) Performance of support services in connection with...

    The service provider shall support the contracting authority with all activities relating to planning, preparing, conducting and evaluating events, including public relations and press work.

    Closing DateToday
    Issued byTED