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    Services Tender Delivery


    Obtaining Tender Documents by Courier Service


    Tender documents with applicable fees that require physical collection from department of issue can be collected by using <Request Delivery> button inside such tender documents.



    The charges for document delivery are as follows:

    • Same Day document pickup & delivery (before 11:30am) - €15
    • Urgent 2 hour delivery (before 3pm) - €21
    • Next Day delivery - €14



    Upon request, the tender delivery form is filled automatically from the details in your account and will automatically include the selected tender document including the address for pickup. All you have to do is to select the type of service required.

    The process is as follows:

    Relevant payment for the tender document will be picked up from your office/building, this has to be by cheque issued to the authority issuing the procurement notice.

    We will then proceed to deliver the payment to the authority and collecting your tender document, once this has been collected, we will immediately return to your offices with the tender document and including the fiscal receipt provided by the issuing authority.

    Delivery charges exclude VAT and are to be settled upon delivery of the actual tender document.

    This service is brought to you via a strategic partnership with Pony Express (Malta) Ltd

    For further details or enquiries, you can contact us directly on +356 2778 0271