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    MEDE/MPU/MCAST 006/2017 Tender for the Provision of Lan...


    Tender for the Provision of Land Surveying Services at the MCAST Main Campus Paola Malta

    Closing Date2017-11-06

    FTS Q 06-11 Quotation for the Provision of Vibration M...

    The Foundation for Tomorrow's Schools (FTS) notifies interested bidders to submit proposals for this quotation. All bids are to be made using the hard-copy documents obtained against payment of €23 from the Foundation's offices (Sir Adrian Dingli Stree ...

    (EU) Survey conduction services [414731-2017]

    Le présent marché a pour objet la mise en œuvre d'un dispositif d'évaluation de la qualité produite par les professionnels du tourisme d'Île-de-France. La CRT recherche un prestataire pour l'accompagner sur son dispositif de visites mystère.

    Closing Date2017-11-24
    StatusPast Closing Date
    Issued byTED

    (EU) Engineering design services [458346-2017]

    Closing Date1999-11-30
    Issued byTED

    (EU) Asbestos-removal work [441485-2017]

    Hull City Council is seeking the provision of a) A supplier to undertake asbestos surveying; b) A supplier for asbestos removals; c) A supplier to undertake air monitoring services for Council corporate Buildings and all council housing. These 3 LOTS, ab ...

    Closing Date2017-12-04
    StatusPast Closing Date
    Issued byTED